International Real Estate Investment Forum

September 18-20, 2019, Moscow

Panel discussion «Architectural ensemble: does it prevent the urban chaos or is it just a relic of the past?»

September 19, 2019
12:00 - 13:30


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For a person, who is in Moscow for the first time, the city looks like a consequence of an endless search – the architecture is so eclectic and heterogeneous here, one epoch covers the other, like the age rings of the tree. However, it does not mean that the Moscow skyline has no value and can be changed easily, despite the allowed number of floors, style of buildings and other parameters. But time does not stop: people no longer walk up the stairs, not heated by stoves, and there are many more of us in the cities than 50-100 years ago. 2-3-storey houses cannot accommodate all citizens. The time demands skyscrapers, the heritage – preservation and care. How to match all interests? What are the perspectives of tomorrow challenging architects today?


  • Does Moscow need a uniform style ensemble, and if so, is it possible to create it?
  • Floor number legislation: should we tighten or loosen the screws?
  • Skyline is the untouchable heritage of Moscow. Regulations allow high-rise construction, esthetics– prohibits. How to solve the conflict?
  • Effective communication with protesters: how to prove the need of construction or redevelopment?
  • "Paris scenario": can Moscow leave everything as it is in the center and develop only the periphery?
  • Restoration through reconstruction: examples of successful and unsuccessful "second birth" of historical buildings in Moscow
  • Vertical city is not a luxury but must have for living, right?
  • Is there an "everlasting style”? What design will not become obsolete in 50-100 years? The secrets of creating an easily "tunable" houses



Mikhail Kudryashov, Advisor to the Governor of the Yaroslavl region – chief architect of the region

Andrey Vaulin, business engineer, Ductal LafargeHolcim Russia